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Moringa Leaf Powder

Nature's Most Nutritious
Vegetable PowerFood

·       Nutritional Composition:

·         Nutritional characterization of Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.) leaves

·         Mineral Composition of Moringa oleifera Leaves, Pods and Seeds from Two Regions in Abuja, Nigeri

·         Effect of dehydration on the nutritive value of drumstick leaves


·       Safety:

·         Experimental Assessment of Moringa oleifera Leaf and Fruit for Its Anti stress, Anti-oxidant, and Scavenging Potential using In Vitro and In Vivo Assays

·         Safety evaluations of the aqueous extract of the leaves of Moringa oleifera in rats

o    Note that 2000mg/kg for a rat weighing 130 grams is the equivalent of feeding a 65 kg person 1 kg at a time but even at that 'dose' no toxicity was indicated.

·         Moringa oleifera: bioactive compounds and nutritional potential



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