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Moringa Leaf Powder is a super nutrient dense Plant Food that is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and anti oxidants.

It is part of a nutrition-based lifestyle that recognises that good health is closely linked with good nutrition and avoidance of toxic 'foods'.

It is not a medication/medicine to be taken in any particular 'dosage'.

Well established Fact:  An adequate supply of  High Quality Nutrients to the body is strongly correlated (ie. associated) with the optimal functioning (ie. all the metabolic and other functions required for that body to exist) of that body.

We believe that good health results from making informed decisions about nutrition. What not to eat, What to eat and How to eat it.

We believe that Good nutrition (ie. an adequate supply of excellent quality nutrients) gives the body what it needs to be strong and fight disease.

Just 30 grams a day can make all the difference between being well nourished (vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and anti-oxidants) and mal nourished.

Moringa Leaf Powder contains:

Moringa Leaf Powder 27 % Protein. Contains  ALL  the Amino Acids required for  Human Protein Synthesis  8.5 times more Protein than  yoghurt  
 A Rich Source of Vitamins C,  B,
 B1,  B2, B3

 16.5 times
more Calcium  than  Milk

 10.5 times more Vitamin A  than Carrots
15 times
more Potassium than Bananas

more Iron than Spinach

Moringa Leave Powder provides the answer to the perfectly Balanced Vegetarian Diet which so often lacks in Essential Amino Acids and other essential nutrients.

Possibly the most nutritious of all leaf crops, Moringa Leaf Powder is 27% Protein and has extremely high levels of Folates, Vitamin C, Carotenes, Calcium, Iron, and Niacin.
Eat Moringa Leaf Powder in abundance and you will ensure that your body is receiving excellent nutrition far surpassing any artificial supplements.

As with any food that contains significant amounts of nutrients, Moringa Leaf Powder is best eaten raw so that the nutritional value remains intact.   

If you would like to add the powder to cooked dishes remember the less heat the better.

The Moringa Tree is native to Northern India on the Southern Slopes of the Himalayas.  In Southern India it is said that no meal is complete without Moringa.

In Ayurvedic Medicine it is said to cure over 300 ‘conditions’ and was even revered in ancient Sanskrit texts.

Jam-Packed Full of Nutrients; Think for Yourself what Moringa Leaf Powder can do for You!




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